Looking Good and Feeling Great is everyone's dream. Networking at the Mindshift Show maximizes your success potential. Learn powerful secrets to attracting love, health and money at this experiential show. Live your best life today.


The expected exponential growth of Mind Shift Show and related subsidiary information entertainment presentations require ongoing auditions of actors, presenters, independent ticketing agents and supporting showbiz presentation types. Dream Big Shop hopes to fulfill the role of an auditions vehicle and online casting caller.



Our digital publication with its own highly innovative distribution system will soon be a leading multi-media vehicle to trumpet the coming-of-age of viable online businesses and herald an accelerating worldwide phenomena of new home based business projects and opportunities to participate in them. It will spotlight a search for share-equity managers with hands-on business experience in real estate, income properties and tourist hostels or chronicle the rise of newly popular home industries such as teaching English or cosmetic making classes. As well Online Income Options will chart the progress of live information presentations such as Mind Shift Show and its manifold career opportunities for presenters, ticketing sales operatives and other showbiz types.


In a rapidly advancing world of commerce, industry, science, sport, medicine and virtually all fields of human endeavor, partners and partnerships are meaningful new buzzwords wherever people, groups or business situations require partners to grow, consolidate or diversify. Partners-in-Profit offer low cost economical systems to profile and find partners that will meet your needs across a wide range of demographics


Own a clinic of the future, fitted with non-invasive diagnostic equipment, and supported by a network of certified professionals.


Join in an enduring strategy for building personal wealth. Become a property co-owner with like-minded investors. Build equity, residual income and financial freedom.



Coffee shops with video monitors that advertise local jobs and business opportunities in every city where it opens. This highly innovative first-in-the- world business help grow local economies! Start a Media Cafe and later sell it for $200,000 - $300,00! Make $1,000 for every Media Cafe operator you bring in as Affiliate. Or, make $500 when one of your contacts convert a section of their cafe or shop into a Media Cafe


Ukraine used to be known as the breadbasket of the world and was for a long time a major food supplier to eastern bloc countries before the Soviet Union's collapse. Ukraine's agriculture production has steadily declined since its declaration of independence its 1991. Today however a newly reborn Ukraine with resurgent optimism about its future as an agriculture based heavyweight is poised to once again reign as a dominant food supplier to Asian countries and the world with help of this website.


The worldwide tourist boom spells continued growth for the hostel industry. It is on par with the hot income properties business, for less start-up costs. Own or partner with us in a secure growth business. OR. Promote this bookings site for hostels, rooms & holiday apartments as Affiliate and make $250 when your contact partner with us to open a hostel!


Guys! Thousands of beautiful Eastern girls are waiting to meet you. One reason they prefer Western men is quite simple! They do not have the same things ladies in western world take for granted.



Provides original pieces of your art work for sales. Prints and ship glicee poster versions of your artwork if uploaded in high resolution scanned images.


A network that empowers women. Offers no sex dating, visitor tour guides, temporary personal assistants, massage therapies, other platonic arrangements.



You could be co-owner of this online store. Profit from exclusive product line. Benefit from hits to site and co-owners’ group marketing. Save on physical location, staff wages.


Provides cost effective workshops to start home business. Learn to make natural soaps, lotions, bath and body products, mineral make up and more, for your own use or to start or add to a business.


Online English teacher training classes is the hot new home based training program for persons who already speak English and wish to set up a home teaching program. Teaching students to speak English has emerged as the hottest home based teaching program to sweep over Ukraine, Russia and China.Start this home business now for regular income. Or make hundreds $$$ as Affiliate.


Gateway to Eastern Europe's many pleasures and low cost bargains. Here visitors get more for much less $. The ex-Soviet Union's most populous independent state competes with Poland for tourist visitors. Ukraine is blessed with scenic wonders, abundant natural resources, low cost bargains, beautiful women and educated people. Europe's fastest growing tourist mecca for young westerners with Ukrainian or Russian roots is today's best place to shop, visit or promote!




Regional Managing Partners -
make up to 80%!

Our global thrust into foreign markets demand we appoint talented, experienced Regional Managers able to breathe life into businesses that prepare to meet the future.

Green Scan Clinics and Income Property Players are only two examples of companies that need managing partners in every country where we open.

Look deeper into any one of our operations and you'll see enormous opportunity waiting in the wings.

In the world of wellness and self-healing for example a Green Scan Clinics chief executive officer would be mandated to know the newest and best equipment coming out the frontiers of biotechnology.

He would weigh its practical applications and profitability for small practitioners wanting to benefit from the cross flow traffic and branding offered by a share-space Green Scan Clinics center.

Similarly an Income Property Players C.E.O. would know the tenant rentals market. He'd leverage innovation & world trends to grow our joint bottom lines together... and make up to 80% of profits in his region!

Questions, comments or enquiries email Subject line: Regional Managing Partners


Your Creative Talents! At home right here?

Did you know? Freelancer Options lets you tap into your own creative talents. Add a second income stream to your online business! You are paid after we receive and confirm acceptance of your submission for use on our sites.

Video: We accept short presentations or video clips with relevant content that serve to enhance our sites.

Content writers: Search engines love content with key words that lift website ratings.

Advertising layout designers: needed to create product profiles on various sites.

Video Teaser Producers: we have 2-5min. scripted synopsis outlines of teaser videos for freelancers able to producer quality content.

Bloggers: self-explanatory.

Site Reviews: self-explanatory.

Digital photo contributors: Shots from your camera may round out a story in our multimedia Online Income Options.

Questions, comments or enquiries email Subject line: Freelancer Options

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